Topics of Cardiovascular Surgery for 6th course


Topics of Cardiovascular Surgery for 6th years students

on 2019-2020 years





Modern methods of diagnostic and management of cardiovascular system diseases. Fundamentals of endovascular surgery and Interventional radiology.

Coronary heart disease (angina). Symptoms of angina, respiratory and heart failure in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases of the chest cavity. Methods of surgery treatment. Interventional cardiology. Diagnostic cardiac trauma. Triad symptoms of cardiac trauma. Management of cardiac trauma .

2 Cardiac defects. Surgical and endovascular treatment. Arrhythmology.
3 Surgery is the main and peripheral arteries. Aorta arch syndrome. Clinical picture, diagnostic, differential diagnosis, treatment. Syndrome limbs ischemia. Etiology. Conservative and surgical treatment of lower limb arteries occlusions. Assessment of pain in the limbs during the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of disease, lesions of the nervous system and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
4 Surgery of main and peripheral veins. Diseases of the veins. The syndrome of superior vena cava. The syndrome of the inferior vena cava. Reasons, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment tactics.
5 The problems of thrombosis and embolism. Etiology, prevention, diagnostic, differential diagnosis and treatment. Modern possibilities of conservative treatment. Indications for surgical treatment and  basic methods.

Final Tests

Head of Department
and endoscopic cardiovascular surgery
D.M. , Professor                                                                                            Petrushenko V.V




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